Tuesday, August 3, 2010

simpleMenu Version 2

A tiny bit late, but here it is! I decided to do some extensive testing this time before releasing it, so I think I caught all the bugs, but I would still love it if people could keep an eye out for them.

Here are the download links:
simpleMenu v2
simpleMenu v2 (eBoot only)

And here's the feature listing:
~Unlimited homebrew loading
~Sorting of homebrew using directories
~eXtra Menu now supports directories, which will be opened in the eBoot Menu
~Pressing L and R will open the simpleHacks menu, a personalization tool
~Change foreground and background colors in simpleHacks
~Change how eboot names are handled in simpleHacks
~Change which button is used for selecting, circle or cross, in simpleHacks
~eXtra Editor now in simpleHacks, old bugs fixed and now allows 10 entries


  1. is this like wmenu but ur version?

  2. Just try it :) It is a text based menu, and has the features listed in the article. The new version should be out sometime soon, still working on it, I've been busy lately.