Monday, August 30, 2010

Half Byte Loader Revision 99

The new revision 99 of HBL was released today, shortly after revision 98. A small mistake was made in fixing memory cards for PSP Go, that killed HBL on the Go completely, hence the quick new version. Included in these was improved syscall estimation, which nearly puts 6.20 back up there with the rest of the firmwares on non-Go PSPs, and my patch for the home button, which should work in 99% of cases. Any time the home button fails to work, such as crashing or freezing, it would be nice to see a dbglog, post it at the advancedpsp forums like all other HBL dbglogs. Hopefully nobody has problems with it, though.

You can get it from:

Here is a full version change list from both:

2010/08/29 (JJS)
- Added Nymphaeas patch that allows to exit HBL to the XMB by using the HOME exit menu ( )
- Added code to get additional syscalls using the stubs of utility dialogs loaded into p5.
-- This means sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive can now always be used and the option to override it is now obsolete for all 6.20 users.
-- Also all relevant sceIO* functions should be perfectly estimated now.
- Fix for issue 43 (crash on start from MS on the GO). Kernel dump is now saved to ef0.
- Fix for issue 306 (control issues). Hopefully fixed by replacing the sceCtrlReadBufferPositive call with sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive.
- Corrected 5.70 nids files. Thanks n00b81!
- Corrected scesuspendforuser.nids for 5.xx and 6.xx.
2010/08/30 (Wololo)
- fix a bug introduced in r98 that prevents syscalls from being correctly estimated on pspgo 6.20 (error reading kdump)

I'll try to post updates on HBL here from now on, considering it is one of the bigger things in PSP right now, and that it is what I use.



  1. zomg, you have a blog! looking good so far, hopefully you will share more of your "geeky adventures" haha.

  2. Terribly sorry for picking anonymous. I'm Vandurol :P