Friday, August 27, 2010

Sorry for delays

EDIT: Okay so maybe one day was a bit of a hasty number. I decided to start working into graphics programming, because I don't want to have to reprogram my new input method later for NyMenu. So the translation tool, which I decided to call "LanguageTool", will be graphical. Makes including the graphical previews much easier anyways, so I may include that with the first release as well. I have changed the extension of the language files to '.FLF', as well, standing for "Formatted Language File." Hopefully someone else ends up using this whole translation thing, it seems like it could be useful. I will try getting it done ASAP.

As the title says, sorry for the delays. I've been helping friends with things, made my raver friend some fuzzy leg warmers, and fighting an annoying little infection on my elbow, which has made using my computer a bit difficult. I have gotten a cream for the infection, and have 3 or 4 days of free time, so I'll get back to work.

I will try releasing the translation tool later today or more likely, tomorrow. It will be a psp homebrew(too lazy to make it for pc hehe) that will allow you to create '.lang' files, which will be used by simpleMenu and future projects to allow translations. It will also allow making of '.prvw' files, which will contain the rest of the info needed for viewing how that translation file will look, so you can preview them. It will come with 'english.lang' which you can translate for simpleMenu, and 'simpleMenu.prvw' for previewing them.

Obviously, the previews are for text mode, when I move to making NyMenu, maybe I will allow images to be included with preview files so that translations can be previewed for anything, but right now I'm trying to catch up, so I'll add features as needed.

After the translation tool is done(I'll come up with a clever name when I release it I'm sure) I'll work on simpleMenu v3. Hopefully people using the tool can share a few translations before I release version 3, that way it can come with a few by default.

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