Friday, December 31, 2010

6.20TN-B is here.

I was too tired to post this last night, but TN released the second version of his HEN last night, 6.20TN-B. This fixes the problems with 04G PSP3000's, a few bugs, and allows downgrading. I will say though, although I've heard of people with 03G's successfully downgrading, I still think it is a very bad idea to try downgrading an unhackable PSP as you risk bricking.

You can get my new All-in-One package [here].

This package includes a trimmed down Patapon 2 demo from Omnija(only 49MB), HBL revision 109 and of course 6.20TN-B. It is set up so that all you need to do is run the exploit, and it will automatically run the HEN for you. Follow the instructions in the readme if you get lost.

On another note, later today I will be posting a review of Kingdom Hearts, and maybe Invizimals tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[Game Review] Phantasy Star Portable 2

I will be working on getting some more info on TN HEN up, such as plugin suggestions, soon, but for the next few days I'm going to post reviews of the 3 new games I got on Christmas, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Invizimals, and of course today's review, Phantasy Star Portable 2.

Friday, December 24, 2010

[Javascript] Playing with my blog

While adding these sub-blogs, I have been playing with javascript, trying to learn to modify the site a bit more to my liking. One problem I noticed was that some blog posts may be covered by multiple blog topics(PSP and Programming, for instance) and I would need to have the comments in the main blog, not in the sub-blogs. I also wanted a nice menu at the top that would highlight which site you were one, similar to the pages widget, but a link-list doesn't do that. So I wrote my own two little scripts to fix this.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

6.20TN-A is UP

And here it is, the moment many have waited for :) 6.20TN-A is up and running. I personally have it on right now, and it works perfectly.

You can download it here:
I also added an entry to the PSP download page.

This contains Omnija's trimmed down and prettied up version of the Patapon 2 Demo, a stripped down HBL Rev109, and the HEN. Once installed, running the exploit automatically starts up the HEN, don't be fooled by the PSP going straight back to the XMB, that most likely means it worked.

New layout up :D

Here's the new layout, with posts seperated into different blogs. Or at least, they will be. I didn't feel like sorting through the old posts. Hopefully it is easy to browse, each section has it's own download page, and all commenting is done on the main blog. A link will appear in the top right of a post page on the sub-blogs to redirect you.

Also, I've heard that the GEN team is planning to release Total_Noob's HEN early because they are being harassed. You guys are lucky, if I was them I would of delayed it until midnight tomorrow... Either way, I will be posting a mirror download of the HEN, in the form of an All-in-One package, containing everything needed to use the HEN. Expect that as soon as I get my hands on the HEN and can upload it.

As for future posts, I have a post on the Javascript I used in my new blog layout scheduled for tomorrow, and I will try to get a post on the Android apps and widgets I have been using up on Christmas day if I have time. And believe it or not, I do still plan to release simpleMenu version 3, believe it or not, I'll get that by the New Year. Just less people will need it, I guess.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Got my phone, new layout coming

I finally got my phone, yaaay. Got it on friday and I've been playing with it since. HTC Desire Z, just like I wanted. It ended up becoming free at BestBuy, and still came with a $100 giftcard. Not sure what I'll use it on yet, when thinking more about getting a DSLR, I would rather put it to that than a PSP Go. We'll see how Boxing Day sales go, if I get one or not.

I plan to completely remake my blog, it will be split into "sub-blogs" so people don't have to follow everything I post,(since each will have it's own URL, feed and follow features) though this one will stay with all posts from all of the blogs, plus ones that don't belong in the others. I'll be posting atleast once to each once I do this, so expect a few posts soon.

The sections at first will be Android, Programming and PSP. I'll add photography either when I get a DSLR, or if I play with taking pictures with my phone,(5MP should be good enough for decent shots :P) and maybe a hydroponics one if I go buy the parts to build a garden soon.

Hopefully this new stuff I get done by the end of today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Updates, Should post alot more soon

Well I have PSPSDK back on my computer, and have been slowly working on simpleMenu 3 again. I am not sure if I will continue on the NyMenu idea, because I am slightly more interested in trying to work with kernel mode once 6.20TN comes out. I do have a few other ideas on things to work with though.

Also, I should be getting my phone(Desire Z) finally sometime this week, so I may start posting things about development with that. I've recently gotten the Android SDK installed and have been going through the documentation's tutorials. It's somewhat confusing the heck out of me, being so used to C and assembly, but I'm sure I'll adjust.

Another thing that will be pushing me to post more is Christmas, 11 days and I'll be getting a few new PSP games, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Invizimals. The last of those especially has been giving me ideas on homebrew, I'm tempted to try augmented reality, we'll see if I ever do though. I should also be getting a 100$ BestBuy gift card, which comes with the phone, on Christmas, and I'm considering using it and some cash to get a PSP Go, who knows.

Anyways, hopefully within a day or two I'll have more info. I've also been considering buying a DSLR, so who knows, maybe I'll start posting some pictures if I do.