Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sheesh, I'm a bloody slowpoke

I told someone like 2-3 weeks ago I was going to post something, and here I am finally posting it... College is making me even more tardy xP

Well, not much of an update right now, but just a list of some plans and what to expect. I'm thinking of changing my sections, I may remove the programming section and just put programming stuff in the main blog or in the blog for the system its related to. I'm thinking of swapping out android and psp for a "mobile" section. I'm also considering adding a card game section(I play way too many of them) and a Minecraft section, because I'm a severe addict. Hehe...

The next post I do will probably be within the next few days on Minecraft, as I found a way to do something that, to my knowledge, hasnt been found before. Hopefully I will have a video with it, but I found a way to make a working arrow detector in SMP, using vanilla components, so no plugins or mods needed.