Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ack, might as well update...

Sheesh I keep doing this, though this time I actually have a good reason.

About a month and a half ago I was put on new medication. Although it's doing it's job, it's got a huge list of side effects. For the first 2-3 weeks I had horrible nausea, stomach aches, head aches. Lots of fun there. Cars were demons in my eyes, they only made it worse.

By now most of that is gone, but I still have some problems. Drowsiness is a huge one, I tend to spend a lot of time laying down or sleeping. The main one though is my ability to think well, I've noticed more complex ideas go right through me lately, I've been working on getting past it though. (It's most likely because of the near endless drowsiness x.X)

The main problem with all this of course is Genesis, there is no way I could finish what I wanted to with my state of mind right now. I MIGHT be able to finish a single thing, which ironically I can't even say the name on here because it has a curse word in it, but I may be able to finish that one, considering it is the furthest along. I doubt it though, with only 5 days and me needing to run around looking for a job and work on cosplay stuff for Anime North coming up in 17 days. I do still plan to work on them and release them eventually, just not for the competition unfortunately. Good luck to those taking part though :)

Outside that, I have gotten a DS lite during the time I've been "missing" and have some games I can review on it. I might try deving for it, if I get my hands on a flashcart for it. My friend also this past weekend got me back into Magic The Gathering, with the New Phyrexia prerelease, so who knows, I might do some posts on that.

On another geeky note, Doctor Who is back with a new season, and WOW, what a season so far. All three episodes have been awesome, especially the first two, talk about starting with a bang. So I don't spoil anything, I'll just say this, The Silence are creepy as hell.

Hopefully I post again soon, so until then, bai! :P