Saturday, August 7, 2010

A change of pace

I thought I would post about something other than PSP for once, I'm not giving up on it don't worry, just thought I should write some of my other geekiness here for once.

Lately I've been looking up on hydroponics, and I'm thinking of making a small garden soon. Most likely an ebb and flow one. For those that don't know, hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, supplying nutrients directly in the water. There are 6 major designs for a garden, some passive and simple, others a little more complicated.

Ebb and flow hydroponic gardens basically have a tank of fluid below the garden, with a pump inside the tank to pump the fluid to flood the garden. There is an overflow pipe, so that it doesn't litterally flood, and when the pump is turned off the water drains back through the pipe to let the plants roots get air. This could be controlled with a timer, or possibly a computer.(I might build a small PIC circuit for mine)

I'm planning on growing grape tomatoes, just because they are amazing. I currently have some seeds fermenting to get rid of that slimey coating, they should be ready to use in about a week or so. Still not entirely sure what I'm going to use to make my actual garden, though. When I figure it out I'll post instructions.

For those PSP people patient enough to read through all this, I am looking for ideas for things to program for PSP. I'm thinking of possibly dropping the RegEdit, just because the main hacks you would do using it are already made into homebrew,(buttonhack and fontmod) but if anyone is still interested just say so and I'll bring it back up. Things I'm thinking of making right now are mic-based homebrew(a recording program, a walkie talkie, and a tuner, are the three I'm focused on) and possibly a top down shooter, though that would be a bit further in the future most likely. I would love to hear other peoples ideas for homebrew they think is still needed for the PSP, it's better to know your work is wanted.

I also would love ideas on the hydroponic garden, if anyone has any experience or even if someone would like to try and want me to post more info about it, please comment. In my oppinion hydroponics is probably one of the best ways to garden, just takes a bit of geekiness to get started ;)

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  1. Hmm, I was thinking about writing a mic based sound recorder the PSP 3000 a while back when the chickHEN was released, but never got around to it.

    It would require kernel access tho. Which model PSP(s) do you own?