Sunday, July 24, 2011

Melting in the Summer Heat...

Ridiculously hot here in Canada, I'm melting, and thought I'd take this chance to finally update my blog before I'm a lifeless puddle.

Lots of catching up to do. Obviously, the Genesis Competition is over, and some1, the person I worked with on our VSH exploit, got third place with 0xFFFFFFFFailsploit (which I named, so you know XD) so congrats to him. I didn't end up getting anything done on time, though I'm thinking about maybe joining the Neo 2011 Retro competition, I'm not sure I'll have the time.

Programming wise I've been branching out a bit more. I've been looking for ideas for apps on Android, working on designing my OS, and trying to learn some web dev to make scripts and extensions for Chrome. My current extension I'm working on is for Kingdom of Knuffel, a community site a lot like Gaia, if you've seen that, though it is much newer. I'm adding a link to my profile on both to the blog, so people can find me, and maybe join if you aren't on them.

I finally got my desktop working, and have been playing some PC games again, mainly Second Life and Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, both of which I recommend, I'll add links to the blog for those as well. I also got a new netbook which I have been using as my programming computer, though come September when I have my college classes I'll probably use it for that as well.

Also, I got a twitter, yet another link I'll add to the blog :P

Well that should be good for now... I'll try to update more, and I swear I mean it this time. Minimum once a week I'll be updating on all my projects and things I'm doing, maybe I'll start doing some reviews again. Until next time :)