Sunday, August 15, 2010

simpleMenu v3 and NyMenu coming

I really need to start making more posts to this blog, lazy little me.

Well, simplemenu v3 should hopefully be out within a week. After it is complete and released, I will work on making a graphical menu, which I will name NyMenu. It will do pretty much everything I have seen people ask for in the menu. It will contain the time and battery levels, all the features of simpleMenu(minus eXtra menu), a nice clean look totally different from the other HBL menus available now, display the icon of the homebrew if available, play the homebrew's sound file if available, and possibly more, who knows.

After NyMenu is done, I will be working on making a 2D fighting-learning game. Wierd mix? Oh well, it works. It will be focused on those trying to learn Japanese, more specifically to read the kana and kanji, and to do so in a fast paced, action filled setting so to make the learning a bit more fun. Because the game will be based around reading characters, it could possibly be modified to allow other languages that do not use latin characters as well.

Now here is a list of the new features I am working on for simpleMenu v3:
~ A search function
~ Multiple languages can be loaded from a menu/language/ subdirectory.
~ A language file editor for those who wish to contribute changes.
~ Four sorting methods instead of the original idea of six. It appears the PSP autosorts eboot-less directories alphabetically at the top of the list, so you will have the choice of alphabetic or modification date sorting for eboots, as well as a choice of having directories first or last.
~ Built in HBL config editor. The only problem with this will be that it removes any commenting from the config file, but otherwise it will work.
~ I will possibly be changing from my textinput method to a danzef-like method, as it should be a bit faster.

Well, expect to see more when that is done. I may release the language editor before the menu so that there can be some alternatives included in the simpleMenu v3 release.

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