Friday, July 30, 2010

simpleMenu V2 this weekend

I appologize it is taking me so long for V2. I was planning to release it today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow or sunday. The problem was that I tried getting the cache to work with the new multi-directory version, which was messy messy messy. Even when I thought of a way to do it, getting it working well is another issue all together.

The fix? I'm dropping the cache. It prevents the need to define how many directories deep you want to be able to load(no limit), and makes one of the new features I came up with work a little easier anyways. Should also make alot of the functions run much faster.

As for the new features, here is some that haven't been listed here:
~Aside from allowing subdirectories, the eXtra menu will support folders, and open that folder in the main menu as if it was your root homebrew folder(pressing the exit button at this point will bring you back to the original menu)
~The menu will not display normal files or folders with corrupt eboots

Also, I already have a list of what will be on V3! Those are:
~Multiple Languages changeable in simpleHacks
~Sorting algorithms to make browsing a little cleaner, will have psp method(by creation date), alphabetical order, and a variation of both with directories at the top or bottom(6 total)
~Built in HBL config edittor

After that, simpleMenu will be pretty much done. My next HBL menu, which will have graphics, sound, bells and whistles, will have any further requested features. The features for simpleMenu v3 should be enough for a simple menu :P

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