Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Half Byte Loader Revision 100

Sorry I haven't had much updates lately, but I've been able to free time and get myself back on track, I am working on the LanguageTool and will post it ASAP.

In other news, HBL r100 has just been released. Unfortunately nothing new for older users on the Patapon exploit, however HBL r100 has one major improvement, portability. This means it is easier to move HBL to other exploits, and this includes all three versions of "Everybody's Golf", which means people on OFW 6.3x now have a way to run homebrew. As wololo himself states, this isn't flawless yet, and has kinks to work out, but it works better than nothing.

Enjoy your homebrew, and I promise I will be working on all my projects more actively now. I have been picking up on OSL for graphics on PSP and have come up with some other possible future projects.


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