Wednesday, July 21, 2010

simpleMenu, hblmenu and textinput

UPDATE 2: I've noticed some people have been downloading this version still. If you're curious about the programming that's okay, but there is a newer version available [HERE].

UPDATE: A small bug was found in the eXtra Editor that prevented its eXtra.nym files from working, the download links have been updated to the new working version. Sorry for any inconvenience ^-^

After plenty of bug fixing, here are the first few files I'll be posting up. I also added a download page with these links.

simpleMenu for HBL (eboots only version)
textInput for PSP Programming
hblmenu for HBL Menu Programming

Please tell me any bugs you find within the code, I spent a while checking but you can never be too sure. Hope you enjoy :)

Here are the descriptions I posted yesterday again of the files:
~hblmenu.c & hblmenu.h
A set of files I made to make Half Byte Loader menu programming a little simpler, mainly for people newer to programming. I added some commenting, however all code is credited to wololo.
~textinput.c & textinput.h
A set of files I made to give a simple input function for text mode applications for the PSP. I tried to comment it for those interested, and it will come with a readme.txt for usage.
A simple menu(who would of guessed that? :O) for Half Byte Loader using the above two. Aside from xstrtoi, the code in this is writen by me. It includes an "eXtra Menu", along with the standard one for linking to other eboots not in your main homebrew folder. Includes a second eboot for modifying the eXtra menu.

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