Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to my Geeky Little World

Hello! My name is Maria, or as most people know me, Nymphaea, or Nymphie. I got the name from the scientific name for water lilies. I sometimes also use Nymphalidae, which is from the scientific name for butterflies.

I plan to post what I can about my geeky life on this blog, hopefully it amuses some. I will also be posting links to some of my geeky projects for downloads. My current obsession lately has been PSP programing and hacking, so expect a lot of that for the next while. I will post all my code under the GNU General Public License so others can learn from it and use it if they want. I may also post some of my own art, stories, writings, designs... Generally anything I feel like sharing, you will have access to.

To start off, later today or tomorrow I will be posting:
~hblmenu.c & hblmenu.h
A set of files I made to make Half Byte Loader menu programming a little simpler, mainly for people newer to programming. I added some commenting, however all code is credited to wololo.
~textinput.c & textinput.h
A set of files I made to give a simple input function for text mode applications for the PSP. I tried to comment it for those interested, and it will come with a readme.txt for usage.
A simple menu(who would of guessed that? :O) for Half Byte Loader using the above two. Aside from xstrtoi, the code in this is writen by me. It includes an "eXtra Menu", along with the standard one for linking to other eboots not in your main homebrew folder. Includes a second eboot for modifying the eXtra menu.

Aside from those, I am working on making a PSP version of "RegEdit", practice graphical programming with PSP, work on a input.c/input.h combo for non-text based programs, and eventually make an entire HBL menu from scratch. Then after that maybe I'll be confident enough in my programming to scan through the HBL source and try helping with that. Only time will tell :P

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