Saturday, July 24, 2010

PSP-RegEdit delayed, simpleMenu V2

I am still working on RegEdit, but I found another small problem with the simpleMenu, and instead of continuously re-releasing it, I'm going to just add a bunch of the features people have been asking for to the menu, and release a version 2. In order to add some of them, I will be dropping hblmenu.

Things to expect:
For all the people who wanted it, I'll be adding the ability to access subdirectories.
~Unlimited Homebrew
For you insane people who have hundreds, this will be for you(what do you do with hundreds? o.O)
~Fixed eXtra Menu
Every fix I've posted for this thing has bugged up, it should work 100% in v2.
~simpleHacks menu
A menu that will be accessed by pressing L+R, it will give the following options.
~Colour Customization
A simple little modification, allows modification of the foreground and background colours.
~Name Customization
Will allow you to choose to use the eBoot title or the folder name for use in the menu.
~Select Button Customization
Due to having directories, a back button will be needed. Standard choice of X or O.
~eXtra Editor
Free up a slot for your eXtra Menu by moving the editor to simpleHacks.

Have anything else to request? Please tell me, I'd love to help. I may consider adding multiple languages to it, considering how little there is to translate, although that I may wait for v3.

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  1. First, I would like to say nice work on your simple menu. I like it very much due to it's simplicity. As for features, you have pretty much rounded them up! Looking forward to v2 release! See ya!