Saturday, February 12, 2011

PSP Genesis Competition

About time I stop being lazy and post...

The past while a lot has happened, but the biggest is probably the PSP Genesis Competition. It is a competition for anything made for PSP, so long as it includes a MIPS binary, so games, apps, plugins, HENs, CFWs, etc. Even more impressive than the huge scope is the prize, which the value has grown to over $4000 total already. It will be interesting to see how the competition goes, and what amazing little projects come out of it.

Most people who chat with me enough know I've kinda spoiled two of my three entry ideas for the competition. A game based on a similar idea to Where's Waldo, though it will be called "Where's Nymphie?", and a keyboard dock for 2000/3000 PSPs which will obviously need a plugin.(I plan to make more features so it can still be useful to people without the dock, but the main feature will be the keyboard) The third idea that I have kept pretty well secret so far is the first one I am working on, and will be somewhat of a development tool that even other people in the competition may end up using :P

I can generally guarantee the app and the game, but I'm not 100% sure about finishing the dock in time, since it requires custom hardware and will be the last thing I work on most likely. Sometime within the next month I should be giving my first release of the app, and maybe posting graphics for the game up on my deviantArt.

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