Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VSH Exploit

Finally some "proof" to the exploit, I guess. It still is terribly unstable, and probably not very useful to others at the moment with all the wrapped homebrew, and even ISO homebrew more recently. If anything, it may be useful in the future on newer firmwares, because the crash still occurs in 6.37, and every firmware we've tested it on works. Let it just be a reminder that there is still plenty of hidden exploits in the firmware that Sony hasn't caught yet, for those who are still looking.

This video(made by TiPi :P) shows him setting up the PSP, showing what's on it and the OFW version.(5.50, in this case) He then hides the exploit action, and when the PSP is tilted back, we're in VSHBL, as we like to call it, some1's port of the homebrew loader to VSH. PSP-Filer is run, and all the contents of flash0 are shown, since VSH mode has full access.

Credits obviously go to TiPi, who found the crash, I noticed the exploit in the crash, and some1 helped us get the exploit up and working. Along with us 3, who have spent quite a while getting to this point, many people helped out. m0skit0, wololo, JJS, and Davee, to name a few, all helped us out, and possibly others I am not remembering at the moment.

For those curious, by what I mean with "unstable", although on 1000's the exploit works out of the package, so to speak, on newer PSP's, the only ones it would really matter on, the exploit needs tailoring to get it work, hence it not being very useful to others at the moment. We're working on it :P It's far from unstable in the traditional sense, once the file is fixed, it works 100% of the time.

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