Thursday, December 23, 2010

New layout up :D

Here's the new layout, with posts seperated into different blogs. Or at least, they will be. I didn't feel like sorting through the old posts. Hopefully it is easy to browse, each section has it's own download page, and all commenting is done on the main blog. A link will appear in the top right of a post page on the sub-blogs to redirect you.

Also, I've heard that the GEN team is planning to release Total_Noob's HEN early because they are being harassed. You guys are lucky, if I was them I would of delayed it until midnight tomorrow... Either way, I will be posting a mirror download of the HEN, in the form of an All-in-One package, containing everything needed to use the HEN. Expect that as soon as I get my hands on the HEN and can upload it.

As for future posts, I have a post on the Javascript I used in my new blog layout scheduled for tomorrow, and I will try to get a post on the Android apps and widgets I have been using up on Christmas day if I have time. And believe it or not, I do still plan to release simpleMenu version 3, believe it or not, I'll get that by the New Year. Just less people will need it, I guess.

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