Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Got my phone, new layout coming

I finally got my phone, yaaay. Got it on friday and I've been playing with it since. HTC Desire Z, just like I wanted. It ended up becoming free at BestBuy, and still came with a $100 giftcard. Not sure what I'll use it on yet, when thinking more about getting a DSLR, I would rather put it to that than a PSP Go. We'll see how Boxing Day sales go, if I get one or not.

I plan to completely remake my blog, it will be split into "sub-blogs" so people don't have to follow everything I post,(since each will have it's own URL, feed and follow features) though this one will stay with all posts from all of the blogs, plus ones that don't belong in the others. I'll be posting atleast once to each once I do this, so expect a few posts soon.

The sections at first will be Android, Programming and PSP. I'll add photography either when I get a DSLR, or if I play with taking pictures with my phone,(5MP should be good enough for decent shots :P) and maybe a hydroponics one if I go buy the parts to build a garden soon.

Hopefully this new stuff I get done by the end of today or tomorrow.


  1. You should buy a PSPgo ;)

  2. @wizarddoctor: I do not agree. It's kinda useless if you already own a PSP.

  3. I agree with TiPi, it is kinda useless