Monday, September 20, 2010

An Update

I thought I'd give a small update for the few people who come visit my blog, considering it's been almost 2 weeks. Basically what has been slowing me down the past while is that I started helping people go through their crashes on the PSP, to see if we could find any new exploits.

I have been working mostly with TiPi, of There was one we found a short while ago that had potential, but we found that it had been patched on 5.50, and considering there is already enough on 5.03, we dropped it. Soon after we found a very buggy file that was very easy to cause crashes with, and not just 1, what TiPi eventually nicknamed "crash mode", where the whole system was doomed to eventually crash if you didn't turn it off. Before we got to test many of these, however, we stumbled across something else.

This something else is what I have been slaving over the past few days. At first, it was an accident, caused from TiPi injecting millions of A's into a single file, and something else he wasn't sure of. When I noticed the crash had potential, I pressured him to try finding the crash again, which a day after, he found that something else he did to make the crash. The problem with this crash is that it is very complex, and requires me to dig through thousands of lines of disassembled MIPS code. I must say, a few weeks ago I knew nothing of MIPS, I could probably write whole programs in it easy now.

What I can tell you now, is that this crash has not been patched by Sony, and appears to work on all PSP's we have tested it on so far. If I can find what I am looking for, it will become a new VSH-mode exploit. Something I can say, however, is that most likely it will not be released very soon even if I find it. I would much rather have something good and working from this than just throw out an exploit for Sony to patch.

After I am done working through this crash I will most likely attempt to find a kernel exploit, which I'm going to be as optimistic about as possible(read: probably won't find one =) ) and if that doesn't work out, I will probably try making a VSH version of the Half Byte Loader.

Either way, whatever happens, hopefully it ends in something good. I am slowly working on simpleMenu still, don't worry, I'm not 100% sure what will happen with my NyMenu plan though, it most likely won't happen for a while now.

Oh and, a new HBL revision was released. Same places to get it, or, make your choice. I won't bore you with a full update on it after this post, I'm sure they have described it well enough for you to understand.


  1. Nice article, Nymphaea!
    As for the crash-mode thing, let's quote you:
    *who needs usermode or kernel mode, we have crash mode! :P
    Hehehe ;P , just wanted to say it's nice working with you. I really hope our little secret will become an exploit! Nice blog!

  2. nice...
    Hope u get through on the vsh exploit! sounds pretty exciting if u ask me. wonder why no other psp website is seeing this.
    Anyway, nice blog. i am looking forward for updates on this possible exploit and if possible in the near future, load hbl directly rather than through the annoying patapon! Good luck!!!

  3. @Anonymous, what should be fake? That we're working on something with potential? As soon as we got something, we'll make a POC video. It's not a fake my friend, but it's really complicated.

  4. Sorry guys, I was joking.
    Form experience, a Ksploit is really hard to find.

  5. maby this could lead to a new cfw i hope it dose i think if we still had ppl like dark alex we would have a psp go cfw good to see more ppl are working on something like this good luck and if u need a beta tester my email is i am a n00b but i know a bit of c and i like simple menu the "simple" text interface makes it look 1337 it would be cooler if u made some of the text green and kept some white you should get a domain for ur blogger like me -cscash241