Saturday, September 25, 2010 gone

Unfortunately it seems 000webhost is a sack of crap, and deleted advancedpsp without any reasoning or warning. According to m0skit0, it isn't coming back, and suggests you stay away from the host.

In order to try replacing it, TiPi made, which it seems plenty of people are starting to join as the new replacement. It has lots of fancy features which can take some getting used to, but it works.

As an update to the VSH crash I've been working on with TiPi, we've hit a bit of a snag in that the crash doesn't work as we thought it did, and I can't find what we are looking for because of it. I'm not giving up on it, or on looking for other crashes, just thought I'd share. I'm focusing mainly on VSH crashes because we're pretty well set with game exploits right now :P


  1. That sucks. Lots of development was ongoing. Sad things is m0skit0 didn't save the htm files in his computer plus his leaving? WTH! He was mentor like guy.

  2. can you plz send me the crash file? or if not can u notify me when it's made available maby i can help u