Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching up

Well there I go again, getting behind on my blog.

Lots has happened in the last week and a half, I won't be making in depth articles on each because I'm sure most people coming here would know them already. This includes the PS3 software being broken wide open, which contained a PSP emulator, which should also help break the PSP software wide open. New homebrew enablers have been released for 6.31 and 6.35 PSP's, and a dev is making a false claim that it's impossible to downgrade 6.35. Kind of reminds you of how GEN said it was impossible to have homebrew on 6.20. NOTHING is impossible with software, if Sony removed something, just add it back :P I've also been working on that last VSH exploit almost excessively the last while, which has been driving me insane and taking a lot of time.

Outside of Sony's fails, which they claim they can fix with software, CES has come and gone, with some interesting looking technology. I liked the beer keg computer case Nvidia had, I so badly want one. I'd probably put something else in it than beer, but I still want it. There was also a (not so) surprising amount of tablets, though I've yet to see something much like what I want, a good open platform tablet similar to a standard desktop or laptop. I don't care about Windows 7, and I have android on my phone, don't need it on a tablet.

Another interesting thing I saw in all the new tech, was actually something eyecatching from Sony. A head-mounted, 3D display. Reminding anyone of dot Hack? I am really looking forward to displays like this becoming something a bit more common, maybe give us some interesting new games.

Also, I am planning on finally getting a bit into Android development if I find the time, so we'll see how that goes. Still not 100% on what to try making, but I guess I'll come up with ideas as I go on. I've also been playing with assembly, who knows what will come of that.

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  1. Your work on the VSH exploit is quite awesome, keep it up!:D I must say that it's very tiring to work on it indeed. :P
    Some1 is doing a great job too! :)

    And for the people who're wondering, yes, we're already able run some code. (Hello World); thanks to Some1; but we can't provide much details though. We're working on it, all I can say.